new media artist

co-founder and member of Do Something Good


Sie liebt mich, sie liebt mich nicht 2017, online performance

The work consists of two analogue bots that posted comments on my Instagram post of a daisy flower. The bots would alternately post comments of “She Loves Me” and then “She loves me not.” This was done until Instagram detected the bots and shut it down. The last comment determined the results.

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damjanskA.i. 2017, online performance

I created an A.i. called damjanskAi that developed an appreciation for art.

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Around the world and dot in red 2017, online performance

A livestream is started in New York and is rebroadcast live from Lisbon, then to Berlin, then to Belgrade, then to Los Angeles and finally returned to New York. This creates an infinite loop of live streams that circle the world with a dot in red. It's the 3rd piece of the series It's just all now.

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Present Memories 2017, portrait

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3472242391 and hand in red 2017, online performance

A phone and a red hand in a live stream and everybody can call it and talk to the visitors of the website. It's the 2nd piece of the series It's just all now.

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Bees and herring in red 2017, online performance

It's the first piece of the series It's just all now. and consists of a Facebook live stream of Damjanski's Twitter live of Damjanski's Instagram live of Damjanski's Youtube live of his Facebook live... and a herring in red. The appearance of the herring in red in the live streams is connected to real world happenings that appear within his feeds outside of the live streams.

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Blow_hot_and_cold 2015, installation

The work consists of a life-size politician mounted to a flag pole surrounded by eight fans connected to twitter. Each fan represents an opposing political opinion currently dividing the political landscape: gun laws, climate change, health care, and abortion.

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Sellfie 2015, website

Sellfie raises questions about value when it comes to releasing our data, information and photos publicly.

Unfortunately, I had to take the website down.

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Full of Mistakes 2014, ongoing book project

A book that only contains mistakes submitted by people all over the world.

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Endless Porno Kisses 2014, website

This site contains non-explicit adult material of pornstars kissing.

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Not Viral 2014, website

Not Viral shows you a video nobody has seen before.

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Bible Me 2013, website

A personalized Bible that replaces every mention of God with your name.

The site is down but you can still experience it here

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